The newest gay child increase: The mindset of gay parenthood

The newest gay child increase: The mindset of gay parenthood

Given new Coopersmith Mind-Respect Directory to 9 sons and you can 9 girl (aged 13-19 yrs.) out of separated lesbian mothers (DLMs) and you may 18 ages- and gender-paired sons and you can girl out-of divorced heterosexual moms and dads (DHMs). Self-esteem (SE) an incredible number of victims having DLMs and you can DHMs weren’t notably additional. Daughters from DHMs met with the highest and you may sons away from DHMs got a minimal SE score. Girl who experienced negatively regarding their mothers’ lesbianism were likely to be having lower SE. Father’s feelings for the the newest mom’s lesbianism has also been connected with subjects’ SE. (PsycINFO Databases Record. Copyright laws © 2004 because of the Western Emotional Organization. All of the liberties set aside.)

King, B. R., & Black colored, K. Letter. (1999). School students’ perceptual stigmatization of students regarding lesbian parents. American Journal away from Orthopsychiatry, 69, 220-227.

Heterosexual and gay mothers’ mind-described intercourse-character conclusion and you can better gender-part choices in children

To discover the extent that college students off lesbian moms and dads was stigmatized, 338 student youngsters have been expected to do a young child choices list to have a hypothetical kid out of possibly a divorced lesbian otherwise a good divorced heterosexual mommy. Respondents blamed way more difficult choices in various domains so you can the little one of your lesbian mom, although this stigmatization wasn’t compounded in the event the lesbian moms and dads were depicted as have a peek at the hyperlink the living with mature girls couples. Ramifications to have infant custody determinations and coming search are believed. (PsycINFO Databases Record. Copyright laws © 2002 because of the Western Psychological Organization. The legal rights reserved.)

Kirkpatrick, M., Smith, C., & Roy, Roentgen. (1981). Lesbian moms and dads and their students: A relative questionnaire. Western Record out of Orthopsychiatry, 51, 545-551.

Subjects’ sex advancement wasn’t identifiably other throughout the one or two groups. Incidence off disturbance wasn’t discovered to be a function of the brand new mother’s sexual solutions. (PsycINFO Database List. Copyright laws © 2002 by the American Psychological Relationship. Most of the rights reserved.)

Koepke, L., Hare, J., & Moran, P. B. (1992). Matchmaking high quality inside an example regarding lesbian people that have children and child-100 % free lesbian lovers. Family unit members, 41, 224-229.

Looked at the caliber of lesbian relationship by three affairs: exposure of kids, the amount regarding disclosure concerning the nature of your dating, and life of the relationship. Forty-seven lesbian partners (old 21-66 yrs.) finished Enrich, which procedures brand new caring and enriching dimensions of an intimate relationships, and you will a good 17-item researcher-tailored survey that provided questions exploring revelation of nature regarding the brand new couples’ relationships, relationships longevity, visibility of children, knowledge, yearly income, profession, and you can years. Total, results indicate that solid and you can happier relationships lived into the total shot regarding people. Although not, partners with youngsters soared somewhat large for the relationships fulfillment and you will intimate dating. Zero differences had been discovered of the life of the relationship or disclosure. Ramifications having nearest and dearest lives educators and you can family members therapists is talked about. (PsycINFO Databases Record. Copyright laws © 2002 of the Western Mental Relationship. Every rights reserved.)

40 5- so you can twelve-year-olds, split just as on teams predicated on their mothers’ sexual possibilities and you may inside classification by intercourse, were reviewed which have good developmental history, WISC scores, the brand new Holtzman Inkblot Method, in addition to Person Shape Drawing try

Opposed mind-descriptive results and you can ratings assigned to a keen “ideal” man on Bem Intercourse-Character Catalog (BSRI) by 22 heterosexual and you may twenty-two gay parents (aged 19-43 yrs.). No tall differences have been discovered. not, value was obtained whenever sufferers was in fact classified with respect to self-described intercourse-character conclusion to your BSRI. Sufferers had a tendency to speed an “ideal” kid in the same manner in which it rated on their own. Overall performance tell you subjects’ care about-explained intercourse-character behavior to get a much better indicator out-of desired intercourse-character choices in children than just subjects’ sexual orientation. Similarities for the intercourse-character decisions and perceptions off heterosexual and you will homosexual mothers far exceeded the current subjects’ variations when determined by mind-malfunction and you can thinking into the better son choices. (PsycINFO Database List. Copyright laws © 2002 because of the Western Psychological Connection. Most of the rights reserved.)






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