Their title ‘s the Biggest Ultimate Chief (????????? lit

Their title ‘s the Biggest Ultimate Chief (????????? lit

Kokichi Oma (?? ??) is students regarding the Ultimate Academy to own Skilled Juveniles and you can a participant of your Destroying School Session appeared when you look at the Danganronpa V3: Killing Equilibrium. Extremely Senior high school Peak Best Leader).

Early Lives

Kokichi Oma try a typical talentless senior high school boy which took part from the 53rd 12 months off Danganronpa, a greatest international fact tell you from People Danganronpa.

While in the his senior school weeks, Kokichi went to Imperial Capital’s Imperial Senior school (???????). But not, it’s unclear when it memory out-of your is a member of your own manufacturing from Team Danganronpa or if it absolutely was legitimate.

Immediately after the guy properly participated in the 53rd Killing Video game, Kokichi’s memories and you may earlier in the day was in fact fabricated by the Party Danganronpa below:

Kokichi’s past is extremely unclear on account of his constant lying and you will the fact he strictly does not want to let you know anything personal about himself. In fact, the single thing recognized about his lifestyle certainly was their passion for video games hence he is been playing them his whole life. Yet not, he’s and claimed that no-one would worry in the event the he was went, and it’s come required he doesn’t have moms and dads or family.

It’s identified that he’s the top from D.I.C.E., a little band of younger pranksters, that are the initial someone and particularly a family group in order to him. He has moved around the globe and you can going “laughable crimes” enjoyment, which will indicate that they may be a small grouping of orphans and no families neither parents to hold her or him right back. Kokichi is even great at taking, that will be because of his prior, and has already been realized that many of his knowledge have a resemblance to a petty burglar. Also, their company will be a mention of the transferring television series D.We.C.Elizabeth. (DNA Integrated Cybernetic Organizations) , that’s regarding the an organization work on from the students, specifically orphans.

Inside the killing games, Kokichi lays that he is the brand new ultimate commander regarding an enormous, worst magic people. Naturally, there’s absolutely no evidence of it and Ultimate Detective, Shuichi Saihara, doesn’t understand any business coordinating to the you to definitely Kokichi mentioned. [4] Through the their Leisure time Feel having Shuichi, Kokichi claims the guy became the fresh best chief from the murdering their mothers and usurping the character. Then says he lied, which the only he killed are their more mature brother. The guy says the guy lied once again and that the real need is a secret. Provided his tendency to have some insights among their lies, this may indicate one thing on their previous.

There clearly was a world about incentive mode Biggest Talent Development Package which hints from the his nearest and dearest problem, because Kokichi and you may Kaito wouldn’t go home for new Year’s, Kaito on account of their bizarre family situation regarding living with their grand-parents. Kaito requires Kokichi as to why he’s not aware of his moms and dads (and are not his moms and dads ashamed out of your being such as for instance a great brat at his years). Kokichi merely informs him that he should not ask such personal issues whenever talking-to the fresh best chief.

However, it is unsure how much, or no out of Kokichi’s prior in advance of engaging in the fresh 53rd Eliminating Games try real, and that was fabricated of the Cluster Danganronpa.

The newest Gofer Venture

Area of the fake backstories designed for Kokichi in addition to almost every other ten youngsters try The fresh Gofer Endeavor, which supposedly occurred till the Killing Online game become. It was started because of the heads off countries from all over this new globe once countless meteorites crashed for the Environment, distributed a life threatening virus all through the air. To try and uphold the last vestiges regarding humanity up until the Planet’s destruction, the government chose to come across sixteen skilled pupils chose of the Biggest Step that also in some way were immune for the trojan, place them when you look at the a great spaceship colony, and then have her or him avoid through to the Earth’s destruction. Kokichi is of these sixteen some one.






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